Wednesday, October 7, 2009



1 ounce Cannabis, Roughly Chopped
1 pint 95% Ethanol (190 Proof)


Place the cannabis and ethanol in a large glass Mason jar. Shake at least once a day. Place the jar in a brown paper bag. Leave in a warm spot, like near the window, for 30-60 days. The mixture should turn a very dark green. Strain with a cheesecloth like in the cold method, making sure to squeeze any excess liquid. This tincture has a nasty taste, but it is very powerful. It may upset fragile stomachs. You should take the tincture orally in cranberry juice or coffee with sugar. Store your tincture in a light-blocking glass jar in a cool, dry place (like the refrigerator or freezer). You can keep the cheesecloth in the freezer as well and apply it over an area of the skin for a few minutes with gentle rubbing.


The main difference between this method and the cold method is the preparation of materials. Light must be avoided also.

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