Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Cannabis Tincture
4-6 Vitamin E Capsules


Place the tincture in a double boiler over an electric heat source. Reduce the solution by half. Once reduce, add 1/2 the remaining volume of tincture in honey along with the vitamin E capsules (e.g. if you have 2 quarts of tincture after reduction, you would add 1 quart honey). Continue to reduce the volume with constant stirring until you have nearly boiled it down to the original volume of syrup you began with. Let cool, and store in a lightproof glass in the refrigerator.


The dosage should be between a teaspoon and a couple tablespoons. You can customize your elixirs by adding different herbs, like adding syrup of Elderberry makes an effective treatment for influenza; or adding Kava can provide greater pain control and sedation. With a little study in herbal medicine, you can customize your blends for any ailment. For the flu, use cannabis tincture with Elderberry and Cat’s Claw.

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